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Economics Blogs

CEPR VOXEU blog : Economic debates and current economic research.
European Issue: Eurointelligence
Paul Krugman's Blog worth reading any day.

Open Economy Macroeconomics Resources

Brian Doyle's New Open Economy Macroeconomics Homepage

Gianluca Benigno, Pierpaolo Benigno and Fabio Ghironi's Monetary Policy Rules in Open Economies.
Joseph Joyce's International Financial Institutions Research Site at Wellesley College: A link to a link should be called a metalink, I suppose.
Fair Model It is the only case I know of macromodelling through the web. Very interesting and usefull resource for teaching the working of macromodels and for some reasearch. A very simple South Africa model is included in the world model. Just have a look at the workbook to see what you can do.

Access to Journals, etc.:

ECONBASE (Elsevier/North-Holland Journals)
Science Direct (Elsevier)
MIT Press Journals
Blackwell Publishers Journals
Journal of Business and Economic Statistics
Journal of Applied Econometrics
Review of Economic Studies
International Finance Section at Princeton University

News sources:

The Economist
The Financial Times
Reuters International Clippings


The Federal Reserve Board
International Monetary Fund
IMF Research
Bank for International Settlements
Central Banking Resources
Brookings Institution
Institute for International Economics

Data links:

International Statistical Agencies
Statistical Abstract of the United States
Data at NBER
Livingston Survey

General links:

Bill Goffe's Resources for Economists
The Dismal Scientist
Dr T's
Pliny Fisk Library (Economics) at Princeton University

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